Timelapse.it is the first Italian operator dedicated to the shooting and selling of high-quality Time-Lapse. Timelapse photographic studio, founded in 2006 thanks to the work of Edoardo Cicchetti, is specialized in the production of professional Time-Lapse for documentaries, tv programs, movies, advertisement and the web. Since 2007 Timelapse.it is in charge of the entire Timelase sector for Rai-History TV channel and it is cooperating with several national and international broadcast televisions and productions. Based between Rome and Duesseldorf, Timelapse.it utilizes digital reflex Canon 5DMII and Mark3, with Canon, Nikon, Sigma optics, supporting all different types of format up to 4K. Timelapse.it also proposes specialized photographic techniques such as Tilt-Shift, HDR and Motion Timelapse. Timelapse.it offers a vast gallery of single Timelapse clips divided by tags. All clips can be purchased under "Royalty Free" commercial exploitations. Offers for Timelapse shots and custom shots are available upon request. Please email us for quotations on footages.